Monday, August 31, 2009

Am I still allowed to post?

So...what can I say, keeping in touch just isn't my thing. Melissa was blessed with all the "keeping in touch" genetics.
Well things have been pretty crazy around here since I last posted. Caleb only worked for 1 week in April then they furloughed everyone again. He did work for 3 weeks in Aug, but alas, here we are again at the mercy of BNSF playing the waiting game. Pray for us. We really need Gods divine direction. It a great job...when you're working.
I am working part time to help keep things afloat. I work for Great Lakes Air Lines. Never heard of them? Don't feel bad, no one else has either. It's a good little job, and I have good flight benefits. I am a customer service agent which really means I do everything but service the aircraft. :) I even wand the planes in onto our ramp. I have to rubber band the right one on :) I just love having one hand. I'm thankful for the work, but my heart isn't there. I miss my kids so much. I really want to be home with them again. I took the life we had for granted.
Speaking of the kids... Emilie is 3 still amazing us. She making her Mom proud and already quoting movie lines! She is a great big sister and still loves all things girly. But she's tough too! We went camping for the first time last weekend! It was great. She and Tom loved the tent and the dirt and the s'mores and well everything. Kirby and Noelle camped out with us too. Emile caught her first fish! She is so proud. Noelle caught 4 or 5. She's and amazing fisherlady.:) Thomas is 19 months and a master in destructo. He is very lovable and cute...but into everything. His latest words are "coo-coo" that mean Choo-choo or train. He LOVES trains all of the sudden. He is very smart and physically capable of just about anything.
Well I have to get up around 4AM tomorrow so I'd better go. Thanks for reading! :)



The Church of God-Oklahoma City, OK said...

Your day starts as early as mine does...I'm up at 4:30 every week day. Because of the new job, I'm not going to be able to do what I wanted to do...if you catch my drift. If not, e-mail me. I'll be praying that Caleb's job picks up so that you can do what I want to do and go back home where you have more than enough work to keep you busy. Love you!

mandie said...

Thanks for commenting! Makes me feel good to know someone out the is reading :) I will post some camping pictures soon. Thanks for praying! We really need it.

Rebekah Doran said...

Enjoyed reading your update! A job at the airlines would be the job to have if you must work out of home with all the benefits and all. I would love to see a picture of you waving in the planes! :)

Jessa Stephens said...

I have heard of that airline. Although, just recently. haha.......Keep posting!!!!!!!