Monday, August 31, 2009

Am I still allowed to post?

So...what can I say, keeping in touch just isn't my thing. Melissa was blessed with all the "keeping in touch" genetics.
Well things have been pretty crazy around here since I last posted. Caleb only worked for 1 week in April then they furloughed everyone again. He did work for 3 weeks in Aug, but alas, here we are again at the mercy of BNSF playing the waiting game. Pray for us. We really need Gods divine direction. It a great job...when you're working.
I am working part time to help keep things afloat. I work for Great Lakes Air Lines. Never heard of them? Don't feel bad, no one else has either. It's a good little job, and I have good flight benefits. I am a customer service agent which really means I do everything but service the aircraft. :) I even wand the planes in onto our ramp. I have to rubber band the right one on :) I just love having one hand. I'm thankful for the work, but my heart isn't there. I miss my kids so much. I really want to be home with them again. I took the life we had for granted.
Speaking of the kids... Emilie is 3 still amazing us. She making her Mom proud and already quoting movie lines! She is a great big sister and still loves all things girly. But she's tough too! We went camping for the first time last weekend! It was great. She and Tom loved the tent and the dirt and the s'mores and well everything. Kirby and Noelle camped out with us too. Emile caught her first fish! She is so proud. Noelle caught 4 or 5. She's and amazing fisherlady.:) Thomas is 19 months and a master in destructo. He is very lovable and cute...but into everything. His latest words are "coo-coo" that mean Choo-choo or train. He LOVES trains all of the sudden. He is very smart and physically capable of just about anything.
Well I have to get up around 4AM tomorrow so I'd better go. Thanks for reading! :)


Wednesday, April 8, 2009


It's been forever since I posted. I once again forgot my user name and password. So today I finally got everything reset. I am amazed at my lack of memory. :) Think it's time for that ginko stuff.I want to thank the Lord right away!!!! Caleb is back to work! He has to work out of Great Falls, which kind of stinks, but thankfully he can commute. God is so good! He knew just when we would reach our breaking point and low and behold...Caleb is back to work. The other good news it that Caleb told me he doesn't want me to work part time when my current job ends!!!! Yeah!! I get to be a mommy again!! :) SO HAPPY! I will work for the CPA again next tax season, but for now I will be free to be a wife and mom full time! I am so thankful to the Lord. He knows my hearts desire and has provided for our family! Thank you Jesus for listening to my prayers, and strengthening my faith in you.
And in other news... We are so happy for Paul and Grace! I'm looking forward to have a niece or nephew close again! I miss Melissa's kids so much. And this will curb any longing I have for another baby. Way to go Grace...taking one for the team :) I told Grace how happy I was for her in spite of this totally ruining my gigantic baby stuff garage sale. :)
The kids are good! Emilie is really ready for mommy to be home again, but has really got closer to Caleb. I will post some pictures in a week or two. She's getting so tall! We need to get her some new pants before Noah calls wanting his back. Tom is great! Still getting teeth which isn't fun. Nancy taught him "Shhh". So now he runs through the house going "sssss" and holding his little finger to his lips. He's fun. The kids are loving being outside now that the weather in nice! It wears them right out!Well I'd better go.
Talk to you all later.

Monday, March 16, 2009

I am alive...I think

Well it's been forever... so much has change since the last time I blogged. Caleb was furloughed in Jan., so basically he is layed off indefinitely. We are hoping and praying that they will call him back by April. Please join us in prayer. I am thankful for all the ways God is providing for us. Caleb is looking for work, but is able to collect unemployment from the railroad. I was able to get a job with a CPA here in town. I am working full time until mid April and then will drop down to 1 day a week. I am so thankful for this job!! I enjoy the work and really like the people I work with. Caleb is able to stay home with the kids. The role reversal has been tough, but Caleb is a trooper. The kids love having Daddy home more. Most nights he has dinner ready for me! Can you believe it! He's great! I'm blessed to have him!
Let see...update on the kiddo's. Emilie is still amazing us with her vocabulary and wit. She is so much fun! She uses works like "supposed", and phrases like "no prob Bob" (thanks to Terra) correctly. She adds suffixes when needed and is starting to recognize some more of the letters of the alphabet. I want to start working with her on that more when I go part time. She loves animals, and playing pretend anything (store, restaurant, you name it). She love her baby "buver" and takes great care of him! She has saved him from uncertain death many a times... okay, maybe not quite, but she does take really good care of him!
Tom, well Tom runs all over the place jabbering big long words about who knows what. He loves to be active. He loves blankets and stuffed animal, kisses and sharp poky objects. If it could possibly cause him harm, that's the toy for him. He has the most amazing smile and loves to be loved! He told Caleb "I want baba." the other day. He says Mom, Dada, Ama (grandma), papa, no no, na-na (Emilie), and who knows what else. We completely devastate him when we have to correct him. It ruins his whole life life for about 15 minutes. He is really starting to get a lot of personality.
We love both our little one so much! In trying times it's so nice to have them here to make us smile and remember there is more to life than money (or that lack there of), or work. Our little family is such a blessing to me.
Our trip to WA was good. It was so hard to watch Caleb and his parents and siblings lose another person they loved so much. My heart ached for my husband and I wish I could fill the void that is now there. I loved Papa so much. Even though I was only privileged enough to know him for 5 years he blessed me in a way no other individual ever has. I was so thankful to be able to sit with him for several hours the first couple of days we were there. We had a little rotation so that Papa wouldn't have to be alone in his room. When he slept I read some of the books on his shelf, and when he was awake I talk to him about the Lord and he still had words of wisdom and encouragement. I'm so thankful to be a part of this family.
In Jan we went to visit my parents and family in CO. It was a great trip, minus the blizzard we drove in and getting 2 flat tires. It was really nice to watch hockey with Mom & Dad in the basement, eating homemade cookies and Papa Murphy's. Mom made us amazing Italian. We look forward to that every time. The kids were able to play in the back yard in the beautiful sunshine. Overall it was probably our best trip yet! :)
Well I'd better go. Please keep us in your prayers! God bless!!


Sunday, December 28, 2008

Merry Christmas...late

Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas! We did. Caleb was home for the whole day and that was so great! Emilie was lots of fun, and Tom really enjoy playing with all the boxes and torn paper! It was so nice to be in our cozy house with our little family. I'm very thankful for for all that God has given me.

I can post the pictures we took in Oct now! I didn't want to put them on before Christmas and spoil my mom's Christmas present. :) So... here they are.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

"Let me 'spain..."

Okay Bro. Ray... I feel the need to explain the whole "cupcake" thing. When Philip was 5ish I was holding him in my lap and he looks up at me and says... " Mandie you're my cupcake. And Cathy is my twinkie. And Tammy... she's my ding-dong". I will never forget that moment! He was so serious and had no idea what he just said. It was priceless. I will never let him (or Tammy for that matter) forget it. :) Love ya Tam!!
How is everyone? We are doing good. God has blessed us in church recently. On Tues night Bro. and Sis. Bock surprised us and came for prayer meeting!! It was great to have them. Paul led some wonderful worship songs and I really felt moved during my prayer time. Caleb was home and it always feels so much better to pray next to him. Can't explain it other than you truly become one flesh and when you are apart it's so hard.
I have a prayer request. Every winter BNSF (Caleb's employer) furloughs employees. Usually it's on for a few weeks and Caleb manages to work and make it through. This year he is going to be hard pressed to make it working through Dec. They are talking about laying off for a couple of months. I know that Gods is in control and He will provide no matter what. Please pray that His will will be done. I want to use this time to grow and be strengthened. Caleb works so hard and is such great husband and father, I hate to see him carry this extra burden. Thanks for all the prays! I love you Caleb!
Emilie and Tom are doing great! They are so much fun! I was talking to Emilie today and telling her how much I loved being home with her. I love having her wake me up and ask me to make her some "breksist", and sitting and eating our lunch together. I love playing with her in the bath and cuddling on the couch. I love you Em! I'm so thankful for my children and the happiness they bring us. Thomas has started giving real hugs. OH!!!!! Nothing beats it. To feel his little arms wrap around you. I love you Tom!
Well I'd better keep working. There is always something to do!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

This is a picture Daniel (Calebs cousin) took of Emilie and I at the beach in WA. I had no idea he was taking pictures...I love this one.

Here is emilie this last spring. Gotta love the piggy tails!

Here we are at the Grand Canyon on the way home fromAZ. Oh, you can't tell it's the Grand Canyon because it's dark? Us to. :) No, we got there at dusk, but were able to see a little bit.

He I am with my Philip. My first love :) Can't believe how grown up he is. I love you Phil! You're the greatest! Am I still your cupcake?

I'm back

Hey everyone! How was your Thanksgiving? Ours were great! Both of them :) We had Thanksgiving with Dave and Melissa and the kids last week, and then with the Alexander family yesterday. It was great! We had a great time yesterday eating and getting a little crazy over 3 Railroads, Marvin Gardens and New York Ave. It was... great :) No, really it was fun. Especially knowing that I'm the only one who can hold their head up high knowing I took the high road. (Yeah... you guys know what I'm talking about :))
Having Melissa and the gang here was great! I had a good time anyway. Everyone did end up sick with virus that we all had earlier. I felt bad for that, but it was short lived. Not real sure where the time went. We did play a few card games and a wii game or two. Emilie loved having everyone here! Just ask Andy :} The very last day they were here that kids were all getting a little done. Andy was being nice and trying to give Emilie a hug and she didn't want a hug. She yells at him "No Andy...go read your story!"
We thought it was funny. Really they all got a long great and Emilie wants to be just like Kari Beth now.
Not much else to talk about. We got our Christmas tree up, but not decorated yet. So far Tom has payed no attention to it! Thank you Jesus! I was so afraid he'd have it down on his head the first day. Emilie is very excited about Christmas this year! Although slightly confused after seeing Papa and Bro. Johnny in the Santa suit. We may have scarred her for life...too early to tell.
The other night we were driving in the car and listening to Emilie talk to Tom.
"I love you much. You know that?". I just melted. He are some of the latest thing Emilie has said...
"Dad what is your favorite game? Caleb said "I don't know. I like lots of games" "Oh, you like lots of games... that's cool."

The night we bought our Christmas tree Emilie fell asleep in the car. We put her right to bed and set the tree up later that night. The next morning I heard her open up her bedroom door and come out. Then she stopped and we heard her whisper... "Oh a Christmas tree!!! Wow! I love it. Thank you Mom and Dad."
She was playing in the kitchen at Mom and Dads and was looking in a bag. "Hmmm what's in here. Nuthin... that's just terrible."

Thomas took 2 steps that other day for Papa. It was really cute. He's shaky when it comes to steps, but he'll just stand balanced by him self for a long time. Being able to do that I would imagine he'll be walking soon. We'll see.

Well I guess I'd better get going.